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♥ shipping & returns ♥

Shipping Policy

I am located in the Netherlands!

After you place your order, it takes me 1 - 5 days to pack and ship your order. After that it's out of my control! 

Due to holidays, covid & other reasons there are currently delays to multiple countries. Please check PostNL's website for more information. (edited: dec 3rd 2022)

Tracking Info

Please note that I am not able to offer tracked shipping to certain countries. When you're checking out you will see if tracking is possible to add or not. 

Keep in mind that any lost untracked mail is not my responsibility and cannot be refunded. 


I highly recommend choosing for tracked shipping when you're able to! (And maybe to reconsider even ordering if tracking is not available to your country, when you don't want to risk on the package getting lost.) 

Extra info for countries that have tracking available: 

-Flat mail (stickers, prints, etc) is untracked unless you paid for the tracked shipping upgrade.

-All other packages with bulky items are shipped with track & trace by default, please refer to the tracking code you received to see updates.

Due to delays your order might take a while to arrive. If you haven't received your order after 3 months, please message me and we will figure out a solution together! :-)

Sales Tax

I'm only able to collect tax in EU countries, buyers outside of the EU are responsible for any custom/import fees that may apply.

Returns & Exchange Policy

You are able to cancel your order before it has been shipped. Please do this as fast as possible. If I already purchased your shipping label I will not be able to refund your shipping costs. In this case I will provide you with proof of the label purchase as to why you didn't get the full refund. If I already shipped your order out I will not be able to cancel your order. 


I do not accept returns if there is nothing wrong with the items you ordered. Please look carefully at the pictures and item information listed at the item you want to purchase, everything you need to know is shown or explained there. 

If you feel I left out some important information as to why you really do not like your item, or if your item(s) arrived broken or damaged, please email me with pictures and your order number. We will find a fitting solution together! Usually it's either a refund or I can resend the items, or similar items if you ordered a one of a kind product. 

I am not responsible for any damages to the item once you start using it. If you want the best life for a keychain or phone strap for example, I recommend not using it on your keys (very ironic yes) or any places where it gets constantly touched. Any keychain will damage over time, and so will mine sadly :-(

I do not accept exchanges as costs to return & ship a new item are just too high. If you're willing to cover it, feel free to send me a message :-)

If you have any other questions related to shipping & returns, please feel free to contact me!

Packaging Information

If you haven't ordered before, you should know I go wild on trying to make your unpacking experience as fun as possible. My goal is after all, to make you a bit happier. 


Stickers, prints and other flat items are shipped in a regular envelope. 

Washi, keychains, phone straps, zines, buttons, pins & magnets are shipped in a paper bubble mailer envelope. (Unless your order doesn't fit, then it will go into a small kraft box)

Earrings, tote bags, canvas paintings and ceramics are shipped in kraft boxes. Size of the box depends on the item. 

Single item packaging:

Packaging I use:

  • handmade small paper envelopes for stickers

  • paper envelopes for prints

  • cellophane bags for stickersheets (sometimes for prints & postcards too)

  • organza baggies for buttons, keychains, pins & magnets

  • kraft pillow gift boxes for keychains 

  • kraft earrings boxes, earring foam, recycled bubble wrap for earrings

  • foam peanuts to secure ceramics

  • tissue paper to wrap tote bags, canvas paintings and zines in

All flat items are wrapped together in a transparant paper.


All non flat items are wrapped in tissue paper to keep everything together. 

Cutevoid personalized packaging 

Most of my packaging is personalized, usually to match with the latest themed items in my shop. This also means you will probably never get the same packaging twice, even more fun!

Personalized theme packaging includes: thank you card, handmade sticker baggie, transparant wrapping paper, round packaging stickers. All other kraft packaging items are stamped with my logo


I try to make every packaging item as cute as possible, to encourage you to keep it instead of throw it away. You can use the thank you card as a little print, and maybe use other parts of the packaging in a journal :-)

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